Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, Monday

I cannot help but sing with Mama Cass this classical song every Monday. Here's the song! Monday, Monday

Last night, in order to relax and get back into the routine of my life, I watched a couple of videos and worked on binding. The smaller ones are mug rugs measuring 6" square and the larger table top is about 17" square. While these make up the ones I offered on Facebook, I have three more Mug Rugs (MR's) to go as extras, and already sent off 2 MRs as a birthday gift to my Brother. Its been a great way for me to use the squares from a swap I was in last year AND give me the practice I need on the machine as well as making those mitered corners. It just seems silly to throw away small practice pieces. 

 I am still glowing from the trip to the ocean at Carmel-by-the-Sea & Monterey Bay, even though it was overcast and gray. When I lived in northern California, this is one of my favorite areas. Of course the drive was shorter. 

Carmel caters to a more wealthy clientele and to those from out of the country who come to shop. Monterey is a bit more touristy and less pricey. Both towns suffer economic decline in the usual ways of independently owned stores closing. Both were crowded.

This morning, I have the black thread ready to load onto bobbins so I can work on Amy's Cat quilt and my older Son's Constellations quilt next. Its almost mid-August and time is ticking away. 

It would be nice to finish Amy's Cat quilt for the long-arm, and also nice to finish the Constellations machine quilting in time for MattE's birthday. I know I can do it!