Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday, Sunday

I've got 12 of the 20 blocks on the 12" Christmas Block quilt hand done. I laughed, thinking of those weekend warriors who get out in their yards and garden up a storm, or the ones who run a marathon without much training. They come away hurting. Well, its so with hand quilting too. I don't need to be in a hurry for it, yet, like any weekend warrior worth her salted sweat, I felt driven to get on with it. And yes, my hands are stiff. I want to quilt all 20 blocks, plus the sashing and the borders, so its going to take awhile.

One of many treats that came my way this weekend, was a post card from the SE tip of England, the White Cliffs. I've always found this face of the goddess to be so very interesting. This shot is remarkable. I took time, also, to watch travel videos on You Tube. I cannot get to these remarkable places, but someone can and they take videos for me. I 'traveled' here, and then to Belarus, and off to the German Rhine. I learned a great deal about these countries, even as an armchair tourist.

Luckily, other chores in the house were calling for my time. I've been listing my books on Amazon and selling them slowly but steadily. That need for organization had me re-do my bookcases. Now ALL the books listed for sale are on three bookcases on the north wall. Books waiting to be listed are collecting on the shelf in the entry, and books I am not quite ready to part with are on the bookshelf in the south wall as well as a small corner bookshelf in the studio. Many of them are in alpha order for easy retrieval. 

Then, I pruned indoor plants for the Winter, and washed all the floors. I even put away the Summer fairy village and pulled out the Harvest storage bins. Harvest starts August 1 and continues through T-day. I love the deep oranges, golds and reds. It feels festive in here.

I am ready to clean the machine and load it up with dark thread to work on Amy's Paper Pieced Cat Quilt. It is the only top I have not finished that goes out this year.