Monday, August 17, 2015

Lil Small Things

One of my favorite movies is one I don't own. NANNIE McFEE with Emma Thompson. I find myself spouting off some of the lines, one of which is "lil small things" and refers to the children. I use it to describe my smaller projects. 

The colors in the movie are really wild, from the walls in the house to the costuming of the characters. Its a fun movie with the most charming storylines.

I am doing a Solstice holiday swap called '12 Days of Christmas' (of course it is) where you send 1 item the first day, 2 the second day and finish on the 12th with a home made item. I decided to make the square Lil Twister table topper from some of my 5" holiday fabric squares for the homemade project. This will be my third try with the tool. I sorted fabrics so they would go light-dark, and used smaller prints. There is also a pile of scraps that I will cut into uniform sized squares and put them into another topper to be sent out as a different gift or swap. I've got a list for 12 ideas to go into this swap, which has a $30 spending limit. Partners are not assigned until October 1, so I want to wait on most things to be sure they are what my partner would like to receive. I know that these kinds of swaps are often the only thing some people ever get as gifts. I do believe that if that does happen in our lives, that we can take action to receive and find ways to be open to receive. We do not have to whine about our circumstances.