Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Need More Practicing

I have begun to see practice as an art form. Recently, I made a number of Mug Rugs and Table Toppers using Hallows squares received in a swap some time ago. I mailed them out today.

And with this Lil Twister tool, I thought I'd make a Table Topper for the 12 Days of Christmas swap I joined. This is the third one I've made using the scraps on hand: One for Hallows; one for Harvest; one for the Christmas swap. With the first one, I learned that larger prints don't work with 5" charms. With the second one, I learned that the best contrast is seen when the squares are light-dark-light. With this one, I learned that the border might look better if it reads solid. I may still put another border (perhaps beige) and then bind it with the green holly print. Its pretty busy right now but might give the eye a place to rest with a beige border.

I think the practices have been successful. By the time the fourth one is made, the snafu's will be worked out and through. Its a very fun template tool that doesn't come with a lot of guidelines.