Thursday, August 13, 2015

Process and Results

Quilting is often more about the process than it is the result. Yet, admittedly, I struggle with only having the process in front of me without any result. I want the finish. I crave the finish. I love the finish. There was a time that I made a commitment to "finish something Friday". I did that for awhile and then couldn't.

With this art, the prep work is pretty intense and very behind the scenes. It is not all that pretty. In fact, it looks boring. And with this art, the working, daily working, working, working is often without a result. That doesn't always feel good to me. Sometimes it seems like I haven't worked hard enough, or long enough, or good enough. 

I finished the machine quilting on the Constellations, laid it out to check seams (though I did that also as it went along), and made sure no pins were left on it. I went looking for the binding fabric, sure I had bought enough, and couldn't find it in any of the storage bins, in any of the usual places. I went out to the local fabric store as soon as she opened, and bought another 3/4 yard.

There are other small projects, so I worked on a few of those just to keep my mind clear. This block was one I got as a swap and was off-size for what I needed. I did an echo stitch and think I might hand quilt around the lights. It will make a nice table topper.