Friday, August 14, 2015

Mysterious, Complex Process

Healing is. Healing is the mysterious, complex process. It follows its own timeline, its own path. Usually I can see the healing in someone else better than I can see it in myself. Often, I don't see it happen AS it is happening as much as I see it after the fact.

I've machine sewn the binding onto the Constellations quilt and am once more taken with how heavy it is. Two things make it so, the size, and the flannel backing. Its not going to be the kind of quilt a person can drag around and may just lay on a bed. What I hope is that it's not too heavy. I might just try it out on my bed one night after the binding is all hand sewn.

I finished another one of my Hallows table runners. The center blocks are the leftovers from one of the Lil Twisters. I backed it with the dark purple. I am going to spend time wrapping all the ones made so they can ship off next week.

And then I looked at the clutter on my desk and knew it was time to deal with it all so I could work in a more clear atmosphere again. When I remember how long it takes to do the hand binding on a quilt, I know that it will take me at least three nights with the Constellations quilt. And I would really like to get it shipped out next week too. 

With all of these, the mailing process includes packaging or gift wrapping each item, writing an inclosure note, addressing the box or envelope and then going to the Post Office. It's always best to work off clean surfaces. Maybe healing is like that too. Our wounds, whether physical or psychological can be pretty deep or simply surface. Yet, we know that to heal, the wound needs to be cleaned before the next steps are taken.

I sit here at my writing desk, with my eyes closed, and my body doing a simple rocking forth and back. Some deep breaths. And now, it is time to start the day and I am ready.