Sunday, August 16, 2015


Like many things in our current economic culture that are minimizing, the quilt show was smaller this year. This time, I was looking for ideas that I might use next year as I use up my stash.
I found one I really liked, and took its photo. It is simple enough to replicate without a pattern once I do use some graph paper. I love the black background on it, which makes all the 2.5" squares pop. The centers look like the 5" charms. Should be easy.

Then, I came home and finished the Constellations quilt binding so it is ready to ship this next week. Good goddess, that quilt is heavy and warm. I know that's been said before, but it IS. And it is lovely all scrappy at its core. There is a strong contrast with dark blue against whites.

And then there is the Night Circus. Oh not the book I just finished reading, although it did inspire me to want to attend in all this heat. Every year at this time, Tehachapi has this Mountain Festival with events such as the Guild Quilt Show, a mineral / gem show, arts & crafts, and then this Carnival of rides and games. Tickets cost $1.25 and it takes 3-6 of them for a ride. Lines form and about 20 people can go on a ride at a time, making it earn at least $100 a trip.

I am fascinated by the swiftly moving colored lights on the rides, and the energy you feel from the carnies who call folks in for one moment's pleasure, to the families walking with kids who "wanna go" on this or that. Of course there are groups of teens walking around flirting with other teens they see in school. Groups of them walking, laughing, being caught in the magick of the night lights.

I came home to work on hand sewing binding. I am almost finished with the last of the Hallows projects started for friends and family on Facebook. I did purchase fabric for the Thanksgiving Table Topper one of my Nieces requested. Its good to get out, and good to come home.