Friday, August 7, 2015

Halloween on the Run

It has been an exciting week for me to work on Halloween projects. I finished a very cute throw for my younger Sister using a panel for The Great Pumpkin. Once it is in her hands, I will post the pictures. 

My spiritual lesson lately seems to be one of humility. I want to practice formulating good questions and seeking good plans rather than having bad answers or or making ill-chosen comments. I know how it feels to receive and find myself thinking a lot more before I speak. I think it means being open to changing my opinions, my plans. 

Two of my Cousins & I were on a 3-way call yesterday and we laughed at how life has changed us. Its a good thing to laugh, whether it is with family, friends or just by ourselves. Of course, we still make dream-plans together while doing those reality checks that tell us what is still possible. And one of us always seems to recall a place or a time when we ran wild together, back in a time when we believed we knew it all and had all the best of answers.

That made me wonder and realize how much there is to learn in life. Then I wondered just how teachable I am. We make choices and have experiences, and from those experiences learn about the choices in retrospect. I want to stay teachable to the end of my days and nights. Teachable, flexible. Open.