Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Metering Corners

I noticed that some of my mitered corners were bunky. I realized that to get some body memory into this part of my quilting, I needed more practice. THIS was another reason why I offered the Hallows Mug Rugs.

Yesterday's blog had pics of the first go-round. Here they are with batting, machine quilting and the binding ready to hand sew. Like any quilt I do, these take me a night or two to work on and finish. What I need is the practice.

The first four of them are done. What I don't under-stand yet is if I pin and sew them all the same, that one of the corners always gives me trouble in turning it correctly. It is a bunky corner. 

Another thing that happens is that I get concerned that those who receive them were hoping for something more than just the fabric squares. I practiced the machine stitches and also learned that with the darker black fabrics that I don't want to use the lighter threads to machine quilt. 

Practice, practice, practice.