Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quilter's Code

I worked on the Starburst Mystery Retreat quilt that is to go to my Sister (the middle one of us). Its at the stage of joining two rows x 3 to make up 6 rows. 

I found this on one of the Facebook groups I am in and want to keep it handy so I can identify my projects better. What is sweet about it is how many of us actually can identify with them! I am not going to take my bins apart to re-label them but know that I will think differently. I printed off a full page size copy to hang in my closet wall over the bins for easy reference. This list requires that a quilter be more realistic about what they do, have and how they plan to use it.

I also played around with different fabrics to add to yesterday's Lil Twister project. I have an assortment of greens, none of which will work, and a beige that matches the background colors in it, that doesn't work. I even tried red. So it will finish out the way it is and becomes a WITHWIT. The more I looked at the photo I took of it, the more accepting I am of it as a learning experience.

My quilt-related shopping spree got two cafe rods for the Tree Wallhangings I want to make for my Sons. When I made the ones for my Nieces & Nephews, I had no luck in finding anything that would work and simply ran ribbon in them with dowels. This makes a better presentation. While there were mailing tubes at the post office, the ones that are the right size have been scooped up, so I am watching.