Wednesday, August 19, 2015

StarBurst Twist

Just as all the stars above are not themselves the totality of the Universe, and prayers themselves not our spiritual life, both are manifestations of what we see out there and inside our souls. A spiritual life is always open to communications with one's surrounding, the people we meet in life and however we connect with the Divine.

The Starburst Twist mystery quilt is ready for borders. It is a well-named pattern, so I plan to keep it for the quilt. It feels like such an expression of love. Most quilts I make help me feel that way. 

And, yet, there is still this love-hate relationship with mystery quilts. I have to express my feelings about what I do and how I think, or it's impossible for me to come to a better understanding of what motivates me.

People communicate differently and we are not always as clear as we think regarding what we say or hear. Its the same for me when I quilt. I want so desperately to be accurate in matching my points, in keeping the seams aligned and yet, perfection is not always there. 

Its been pointed out that if you look closely at photos in magazines, you will see that even those are not always point on. We are, afterall, human. Maybe the form of our artwork is much less important than our motivation for doing it is. 

Whether we call our prayer or magick doesn't really matter either if our intention to do good, to want good, to be better is what matters. We have to enter into contests to vie for the blue ribbons, and in doing so, we are subjected to the competition. 

That puts us either ahead or behind others, but only in the mind of the judges. Do they follow rules for judging or is it based on what they like? Judges can be appointed, elected, rise to the work through experience, or be even self-appointed. We are the ones who put ourselves in front of judges.

As soon as this year's quilts are finished, I plan to re-do the sidebar using the Quilter's Code. I think this makes me a self-appointed judge of my own work, which is healthy.