Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quilt Backs

As long as it takes and as hard as it may be, I accept the fact that life is the prize and all I need do is open to the wonder of it all. I've gone through many stages and phases from infancy to this one. What do I call it? And it is wonderful.

I spent quite a bit of time making the two quilt backs from the fabric I just purchased over the weekend. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to cut the length of fabric in two pieces, pin them and piece them. Actually, its not hard, it just takes time. I learned awhile back that pinning them on a flat surface (I use my ironing board) reduces the chances of puckers.  
And now, the backs to my next quilts are done and ready for basting. 

This was just a stage in the quilting process. I am so in love with my Sister's StarBurst Twister quilt. The colors just pop for me in that combination with that border print. I plan to make an appointment at the clubhouse to baste these two. And while it is August, all my quilts for this year need to be done and ready for shipping back to Minnesota by the end of November.

I am quite aware that most people are not in the practice to thank me for my work, whether its a full blown quilt, a table topper or a mug rug. I quilt for the joy of it, for the love of seeing it come together. And that is enough.