Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have a few swaps yet on Swap-Bot for this month that I am working on in between finishing my quilts for this year. I've stepped back from doing a lot of them too, and so am finishing up the ones I am committed to and do not plan to take on more. My wrap up date is the end of this month.

One of them is called "Birds, Birds, Birds". In it, we are to select at least three items from a list to include in our package. I selected 'something to write on', 'something sticky', 'something handmade by me', and an extra 'something of my own choosing'. I had some scraps from Jake's 12" Christmas International Block Swap and so cut a piece that comes down to a 6" mug rug. I used 2 layers of batting so it can also be used as a better insulated potholder. The back is the same green as the binding. I simply machine quilted an echo stitch along the Cardinals and leaves. Its really lovely in its simplicity & gives me an opportunity to use a leftover scrap.

Another swap asked for something 'Unicorn'. I headed to the fabric store and bought enough to make an apron. More people joined so I might not get the partner I thought I would and the topic could change. I am taking my time with this apron, and it may go to my youngest Granddaughter as a holiday present instead of the one I had planned for her. The tutorial I watched said that some machines come with a 'ruffler' attachment, and I don't know if mine does. Aprons are not as easy as one thinks. I am getting skilled with them.