Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quilt Show Today

The guild, here in town, hosts a quilt show every other year. While I do not belong to the guild, I love attending the show and seeing what others are doing. It's quite inspirational. Just because I am choosing to work on projects stashed in my closet doesn't mean I have opted out of the community.

The Constellations quilt is warm. It feels like the changing of seasons outside so having a heavy quilt on my lap means shifting it to free my feet and not have so much on my lap. I like the little clippies made for holding the binding with ease.

The next project using light thread is the last mystery quilt I did that is planned for my Sister, the middle one of us. I both hate and love mystery quilts. My Cuz up in Alaska always urges me to do the more random placements of fabric, so I let that happen here. The pattern called for light and dark fabrics in your color range, and then you let it happen. I played more with block layout once the 30 were constructed so that there was a variety of colors in the placement. Its pinned now and ready for me to piece the rows, which are numbered to lay down in the planned sequence.

Mystery quilts drive me mad because I want more order to them. And yet, every single one I have ever made has turned out simply gorgeous. Its all about releasing one's self to the process and having a little faith in, I don't know, Divine Order, Divine Direction, Divine Outcome.