Monday, August 3, 2015

Small Things

Peace is not something won by an outside reality. Not money, not the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect closet full of stash. Nothing really guarantees a peaceful heart. Who I am right now in this moment is where my good mental health resides, and so also does my peace.

As my quilting swaps are wrapping up, I am packaging whatever is ready to be shipped in a few days. This table runner is as good as I could make. Although the Charm pieces do not read purple my partner requested, the Lady Slippers in it reminded me of home. The Lady Slipper is the MN state flower. And it has a lot of the purple running in each square.

What was next on my list was the last block and now I step back from the FB online groups! Any star, she asked for in jewel fabrics with a light gray background. I tried so many versions, all of which became orphans to be used in the Gypsy Wife pattern sometime soon. This one turned out and honestly, I prayed with every stitch I took! The points match and float. And it measures 12.5". Success.

Speaking of FaceBook, I made an offer to the first 5 of my family & friends who wanted a Hallows Mug Rug or Table Topper (mini quilts). Last year I joined a Hallows 6.5" square swap thinking I would join them for a back on The Great Pumpkin. Instead I used that vertical fabric and these were just kicking around. These are backs for 6 Mug Rugs. I did several versions of grids plus outlined pumpkins on one. All they need is binding.

And I am going to make this one into a Disappearing 9-patch table topper. This is the first layout before it evolves. While I have made this D9P before, I've never done this sort of radical combo. I would like to use more of the Hallows fabric I have and perhaps do more of the 'disappearing' techniques. Each Mug Rug and Table Topper is a practice for me.