Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shopping Score!

While the trip out of town was to go to the County Fair, when you go to the big city, you take a list and shop. 

I found the golf fabric for the back of my Brother-in-Law's Winter Golfers quilt (which was out of stock online), a light golden tonal for the back on my Sister's StarBurst Twist quilt, a lovely batik & a winter green for one of the Tree Wallhangings, and some Halloween stripe. 

Additionally, I bought some Halloween accessories for the outside fairy village I built this Summer, the indoor Hallows village, and a couple of pieces I plan to send to two of my Granddaughters. I know they just put this stock out, and once its gone, it doesn't get re-ordered. 

The thing about shopping at JoAnn Fabrics is that they give out great coupons and then put everything on sale. I've gotten wise to that over the years, and this time bought embroidery needles, one of the fabrics, and something for the Infant Center in town, using three coupons. I gave the rest of my book to the customer in line behind me. It was tempting to buy seasonal fabrics, because it is there and on sale. Thing is, I am going to quilt what I have first and only buy the supplemental pieces. 

There is enough to finish this year's projects and get them shipped to MN by November.

I am getting better with the way I shop, even though it seems like I can drop over a hundred dollars in the blink of an eye. Having the list and sticking to it is the only way it will work for me. Its like being a small town grrrl with big city dreams. The fabric purchase was practical. The Halloween purchases brought out the child in me who needs to play.

And the Fair was fun. I love the various building displays and love riding the Ferris Wheel. I did leave the camera in the car so only have memories of being high off the ground and looking out at the stars above and the lights below. 

Good day.