Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Twister Tool

I am always open to new experiences. As others finish their table runners, they post photos of the completed ones before they ship out without saying who the recipient is. I requested a square topper in winter blues, so when I saw a picture of one that fit my request, like so many others in the group, I was very impressed with it. It may be mine or not. The quilt-maker shared where she found the idea for the pattern on You Tube. It was made with a plastic tool called Lil' Twister, designed to make pinwheels.

What I learned as I made these Halloween Mug Rugs and one of the Table Toppers is that I would rather baste my Sister's quilt, The Great Pumpkin with black thread. So off to the fabric store I went to buy a couple of spools. As luck would have it, the Halloween inventory had just come in.

The tutorial on You Tube suggested that you could make it with all sorts of random fabrics, and as the twisty pieces were cut, each one would have a 2.5" square left over to make into another mini quilt. The first one is way busy but showed me, yet again, that random placement is not my first choice. The second one is more structured. Of course, both of them need backing fabric and will finish off with a binding.

With the black thread here now, I can load my bobbins and get The Great Pumpkin & two of of the Mug Rugs (going to Brother for his birthday) finished to ship out by this coming Tuesday. I would like to work on Amy's Cat Quilt too. While the smaller projects DO help me with various lessons, until I get the quilts on my list done, taking on the practice pieces could also be a diversion. 

Gotta watch that. My natural tendency is to love doing new things. Harder for me, is the middle part of any project.