Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another and another



Another bobbin was used up on the free motion quilting for the day, though six houses were finished. Its going better because I drew out some patterns in advance. That helped give me a place to start on each house.  I got to thinking about the stitching as a metaphor for how the house looked inside and that helped lighten my own spirits. If every stitch is a prayer in my work, then perhaps the magick comes from within me first. 

Threads were switched to work on the second apron for an on-the-day birthday gift. Patterns are not that easy to follow, which makes me understand why you are lucky to buy a good apron on sale for $25. There's a lot of work to them.

I found this pattern, which did not have the bib, but looked easy enough. It actually was, except that I did not want to make fabric ties. That sent me into the only store in my small town that carries grosgrain ribbon, and I had to settle for one that barely matched. I folded over the bib part and ran the ribbon inside it. Hopefully it will work. 

My life lesson for the day is to keep going and it will work out in the end. If it isn't working or if it hasn't worked, then its not the end.