Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moving On

When I cut this quilt to make my 'kit' for it, I labeled the pieces and even started pinning. Also, I highlighted the pattern so I would know what was done on it. Then I left it to go on with other projects.

Thing is, about memory, that I think I will remember it all and hadn't written notes. Now, when I leave a quilt project, I've decided to leave myself notes that clarify it all just a bit more.

So here is the layout of of three steps for what I would like to do today. And even then, there will be more later. As I said, this is a more complex pattern than I realized. Many of the newer patterns come with some sort of indicator of the skill it takes to quilt. This one did not. If I were to rate it now, I would say its Advanced. My skills are still at the Intermediate BEGINNER. This year will push me beyond the Beginner stage, but I have a year to go where I will really feel comfortable.

I've had the opportunity to see what happens to a quilter as she ages and then passes. This friend's family had no idea what to do with all her fabric, notions, pattern books and unfinished quilts. Nothing in her sewing room made much sense to them because none of them were quilters. I took the lesson of what I saw quite seriously and started keeping records of what I planned. I knew that the pattern had to be kept with the project as well as all the fabric intended for it.

There is a quilting term for what I have: PIGS, or projects in grocery sacks...I am actually using clear plastic bags that linens come in, but its the same concept. Some of them are WISPs or works in slow progress. But they are organized and they do make sense to me.

One of the classes I teach online is about making end-of-life plans, and includes deciding what to do with all the stuff one accumulates over time. 

I've put so much into my quilting projects that having them as PIGS gives me some peace of mind. If I was not able to finish them, someone could. Each of the PIGS has the name of the future quilt owner, the pattern, and fabrics for at least the top, and sometimes even the back. 

However, that's the overall picture of my work, and the picture on this post is what is on my agenda for today. More to come as I find myself moving on.