Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No quilting today...

I had another project for a special birthday gift on the 18th of August needing my attention. I spent way too much time looking for an apron pattern, and finally went to You Tube. My friend Rex says you can learn anything there. 

Their voices on the video were unpleasant at first, however what appealed to me was that their apron was made of fat quarters. I have so much fabric stash, that I stayed tuned to the show and discovered that I could cut 5" x 20" strips for the skirt and belt/waistband. Their apron didn't have a bib nor pockets, so I began to improvise. Its all ready to put together, and I'll hand stitch the band to give it a cleaner finish. I haven't cut pockets for it yet, so that will require more thinking.

The most important spiritual lesson came when I found a number of Non-American videos made in the UK with presenters giving instructions to work without patterns, without measuring, without concern for perfection or precision in order to create a more artistic look to the end product. It made me wonder how our culture got so tight in the box.

This is where I got the idea to improvise on the bib portion of the apron and to also make a neck loop rather than ties. At first, my thought was to have the bib one piece and it was unappealing for this style. Scraps worked and so scraps it was to be.

It made me wonder if being in a cultural box to follow directions, cut accurately, sew precisely and do other daily tasks we have forces the need for perfection, followed by self-judgement, following that up with judging others upon us.