Friday, August 23, 2013


I've never been much for eating left-overs. 

However I saw a presentation at a Quilt Guild meeting where one of the women made a sampler-type quilt from the odd-blocks or samples she made over the years. A lot of times a pattern will call for making an even number of blocks and then one is not used in the quilt. Or you give something a try and decide its not what you want or imagined.

So I started bagging the ones that didn't fit in what I was doing at the time. What a surprise when I laid them all out on my bed! There is more than enough to make a top. However, as you can see, they are a scramble. 

And suddenly those left-overs were as unappealing to me as left-over salad or veggies. Hmmm. I know I have to change my mind about them.

Its all about recycling or repurposing. In this case, its going to take some work, some contemplation and planning.  Ah well, another day perhaps.

There are 9 house-blocks on the Night Sky quilt left to do free motion quilting. I need to finish this part of the quilt so the binding can be done. You can see my project list on the sidebar. First things first. I do not want to put frantic energy in any of them and cannot afford to get side-tracked by working on something different.

It seems that its easy for a quilter to get caught up in one of the stages, perhaps the one she likes best. Some of it can be tedious and frustrating. This is where some projects get set aside to be lost in space or become UFO's (unfinished objects). I have a couple that I look at and say, 'not today' and know that to work with them or on them, I will need to dedicate a section of my time and give them more direct focus.

Again, this all seems like another adventure in life that we all take to some degree.