Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Outside the Boxes

Quilting makes me laugh at myself, not in a challenging way, but in the way that amuses me and brings to the surface various qualities that live and breathe in me. I like to believe that I think outside the box. Yet here I am using a fabric with little boxes to learn free motion quilting, and trying to keep my stitches inside of them. Look how wonky the boxes are! Well, I had fun with this 10" square and ran out of thread on the lower corner. AND IT WAS OK. When I turned it over to the sea foam green side, I actually liked what I saw. It is random-looking even though its not really. I worked hard with all the stitches.

I allowed myself to try different patterns and played. OMGoddess, that was it! Free Motion quilting asks you to play and that part is so hard for me.

The binding is on it and will be hand sewn to finish and off it goes. I am not quite ready to do this on the next quilt and want to work with just a few more practice pieces before I finish.