Sunday, August 25, 2013

New techniques

This weekend class/retreat gives me an opportunity to learn something new in quilting, and I have so much to learn. See the small square in the middle of this block? It joins the other quarters together. There are four quarters to the block that have the one lavender square (with polka dots), and two rectangles and two other small squares. Many steps to each of those small blocks to form this one. 

Its more complicated than you think. It has taken me several sessions. Other women in the group are more advanced in their quilting than I am and have created stunning blocks by the use of color choices. 

I look at theirs and wish that I was at that stage of thinking beyond how the pattern is written.

I am where I intermediate beginner. My color choices did go beyond the pattern shown which has a cream base and used retro fabrics. I chose purples, blues, pinks and a lavender. It is really going to be pretty.

Funny how there is always someone more skilled or educated than I am (or you are), who is prettier, younger, thinnner, wiser, funnier. And we notice them and perhaps aspire to a higher level of our own personal growth.

There is always someone less pretty, more wrinkled, heavier, too serious and sometimes ...bottom line...stupid.

Why we compete and compare has got to be a cultural thing and it changes with the era we live in. 

So serious for a Sunday morning when the sun is shining, with a gentle breeze.  Getting another cup of Italian roast coffee with Italian Sweet Cream. That will perk me up and get me ready to get back to the group and finish this top. Pictures to follow.