Friday, August 23, 2013

Doctor, Doctor

Sigh, shaking head, sighing again.

I know better than this. Can you see the lint? Its there and lots of it. 

Recommendations say to load three bobbins, which are equal to the usage/time on the machine where you clean it and change out the needle!! That or take the chance of a trip to the tech who charges at least $75 and makes you wait three weeks or more.

Same thing about your body. No smoking, drinking and eating in moderation, getting some exercise every day and reducing stress in your life. We know this too. The price we pay may not be required until we get older.

We can get by on some things and pretend that everything is fine. I know that when I start up the machine again after this cleaning and needle replacement that it will sound better and move more smoothly.

Same with my body. Admittedly, I was harder on it than some folks are, and loved how I was able to do so many fun physical things, like dog-sledding, competition volleyball, water and snow skiing, and hauling these boulders for my gardens. Some days, when I wish it was as easy as oiling my joints and muscles, I wonder if I would have given up any of it for easier moments. 

And so I quilt now. Even with quilting, I get up and stretch, drink lots of water and take better care of myself. At least I try to kid myself about it the same way I extend the time I stop to clean the machine.

There is a saying that sometimes is my daily motto: Quilt til you wilt!