Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The cost of freedom

When such a major project went off the table as happened this week, there is suddenly an emptiness that became hard to fill. I kicked around the house today, and pulled out various UFO's to test my interest in them. I went from project to project and wasn't inspired to bring them to the machine.

After going online, I found my favorite batting will be on sale at JoAnn's with free delivery, given as an incentive to spend $50. What I want to buy will easily be over $50. This saves me a trip, and gas the trip would take to get out of town. You probably remember I live in a small town with stores about an hour away. Shopping online is simply a smart choice for me.

After checking all my 'to do' lists, there was one entry that said: Review Flying Geese. Ah ha. This is an early pattern I found in the early stages of my quilting experiences. I really didn't know what I was doing all those years ago, so put together my own 'kits'. 

Kits, by the way, sell upwards from $50 to several hundred. A store owner will create her sample, and then cut the fabrics to make the same quilt as her sample. In this way, a quilter can come into the store, see what she likes and leave without spending time pulling bolts of cotton from the shelves.

The pattern for my self-made kit comes from Connecting Threads and has been around as a free pattern for some time. Suddenly I was less interested in making it, however, it is actually my own well-assembled kit with some of the pieces pre-cut. I've quilted enough now to know how to jazz up this relatively plane pattern with more interesting border details. AND I think making the flying geese is still going to challenge me. Look at all those triangles! This pattern makes the flying geese a bit more difficult than they have to be. Maybe that's why its free.

It does raises a new issue for me to consider. If the UFO (unfinished object) lays around long enough, will it become an undesirable object?

Wow, can I relate other parts of my life to that question! And the answer is, yes.