Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Motion on the Quilt

I fell victim to my own sense of perfectionism and felt like a failure with this work yesterday. I did the top two on the left and then the three underneath. Practice pieces are small and easy to move. This is a lap size quilt with weight to it. And I didn't have a plan. The first one I did is the taller house on the left corner. You can see that I kept swirling on it. The little gold house next to it doesn't show up as much.

On the second row, I was able to outline the petals. Then with the striped, I tried a zig zag on the small one and then circles on the taller one. The issue for me was where to start, how to move the needle and complete one house at a time without lifting the needle to stop and start again.

Suddenly the thread in my bobbin was used, and I sighed in relief. There are 40 houses on the quilt, and I need a better plan. I cannot go into the project unprepared.  Thread on the back matches the fabric so its unseen even with close scrutiny. And the red used on top coordinates enough, that it too, will be unnoticed by others.

If five houses took one bobbin and one session of machine quilting, this part of the quilt will take me eight days or most of this month to complete. Then there is an outside border and binding.

Here is a photo of the dream pillow Rexie sent me. She told me it is loaded with Lavender, Lemon Grass and Cloves. I put it at the head of my bed last night, and woke completely turned around with my head at the foot. The scent of it filled the room and makes me smile. I do not remember dreaming, but did sleep well.