Monday, August 19, 2013

Good day's work

Its become important to me to keep working on projects, not always to finish them in the moment, but to do the next step. Its almost a way to stay centered in life as well. 

I learned to strip sew some time ago, and try to make it happen with all my projects when possible. It saves time and thread. You feed the pieces in one after another without taking them apart at the feed. There is no real stopping and starting. Then, after they are all through the machine, you cut the pieces apart and take out the pins. Easy. These pieces in the photo above are to a pink and yellow pinwheel quilt destined for my oldest great-Niece. 

The other thing on this quilt is a newer way (for me) to add sashing and corner stones. More about that at another time.

Then, I cleaned up the Harvest quilt by cutting off loose threads and ensuring that the seams were done correctly. This one has two florals and that lovely rust, and a beige that were given to me. I had the green and light beige, and bought the brown acorn print, as well as the leaf print on the final border. Its so very striking and cozy with a flannel back. Just love this one. Its got a very simple machine quilting. It lays across the very top of my queen size bed without falling off the edge, and makes a nice personal lap size quilt.