Thursday, August 29, 2013

Winter Golf quilt

A friend showed me some panels she's collected over the years and said I could take whatever I wanted. At first I didn't want anything because I couldn't think of how to make a quilt with them. Then, as I browsed a magazine, I realized that by substituting a panel for what was in the middle of the pattern, I could make my Brother-in-Law a great "winter golf" quilt. Their family room is in blue and has an 'Up North' feel to it and he is a golfer. I asked if I could have it and she graciously gave me the entire panel. 

It took me a couple of hours to select fabrics from my 'stash' that coordinate with the golfers on the panel, and that gave me enough to follow the pattern. Little did I know how much work this one is.

There are many, many steps to it. So I spent another couple of hours just cutting. As you can see, some of the pieces are pinned, and today, I pieced strips and cut them into the 5 1/2" widths for one of the borders. You are only seeing the green colorway, however, it has a burgundy and a beige, and then is really more blue.

As I make more quilts for the members in my family, there is an awareness how individual we all are.

I like my Brothers-in-Law. This one has the sweetest smile with sparkling eyes. He is soft-spoken, quite a bit shy, generous, and very welcoming. His personality adds a balance to our family, and I am sure, to my Sister's life. It is easy to put love into the quilt as it gets made. 

(More pictures to come as more of the steps are completed)