Monday, August 5, 2013

another attempt at free motion

This morning, I worked with another practice piece learning the free motion machine quilting. There are many ways to machine quilt, and what has been holding me back is fear of ruining one of the larger projects.  What I learned is that this fear is relatively common among beginning quilters. In order to conquer the fear, one must practice.

I called upon a circle of my friends and told them I needed volunteers who would be willing to take small quilted pieces that were for my practicing. Three of them stepped up with colors, and so this gave me a reason to create mini quilts without throwing away good fabric.

My fears continue because I am a perfectionist at heart. And I see that I want to do it better than I am, but keep learning and being ok with my beginning steps in this fabric art.

This particular piece started out differently and somehow kept evolving. Its a solid lavender yet it photographed with lovely blues with the yellow thread.  Another thing I learned is that it took two bobbins full of thread. How is that a lesson, one might ask? Well things do take more effort if your vision needs more work to complete.

I plan to sew the binding on these two and get them shipped out to my circle friends. I am not yet comfortable enough to pull the next quilt onto the machine for free motion. I am not yet free enough and am only seeing that I need more experience at taking these small risks, of allowing myself the freedom.