Saturday, August 24, 2013

The more I learn

The more I learn I need to learn much more!  I think that was a song I remember, but the concept holds true with this fabric art.

I finished the machine quilting on the Night Sky yesterday. I am not posting photos of it until after it ships to its new quilt owner.

I tried all sorts of techniques on this one and came away knowing that it became a sort of a sampler and larger practice piece. It shows me a lot more of what I don't want to do again because it didn't work to my satisfaction. 

Its hard being a perfectionist in life because often more things go wrong than right, and you end up second guessing your choices or beating yourself up mentally for not getting something perfect.

Then it seems that everything we do is practice and everything is a learning process. 

Another thing I think about is the person who puts herself out on the line in public is often subjected to criticism by folks who keep their works to themselves. Its easier for them to hide behind a silent curtain. I try to remember that and when someone has something to say to me, I ask if they are following up on something I say or do, or if they ever put out original material and put themselves on the line in public?

Our educational system doesn't really support individualism. I understand that most people at the top believe it can't. When I think of how wild we all are as kids and teens, the adults around us demand conformity just so they keep control in a classroom. We compete for grades and create learning curves. 

If one person always gets A's, they raise the learning curve and teachers expect more from the rest of the class. It is in school that an A student learns to downplay her abilities if she wants to fit in. Maybe its different now, but that was how it was for me in school and at home.

This might be another reason why a lot of families do home-schooling.

One day, I found myself saying 'screw this' to the band of bullies, and figured they could just try to keep up. Well, it gets mighty lonely at the head of the line and you become an easy target for biting criticism. 

What people don't know if they are not a perfectionist is that nothing they really say is as bad as what goes on in the head of a perfectionist.

By the way, I was just playing with the background and ended up with this one and a white reading column. I am not sure I like it but couldn't get it to work the way I saw it in my mind. Maybe later. .....well, did have time this afternoon to change the color and am more happy with it than white.

I understand how white is used as a place to rest your eyes, so I will try this for a few days and see how I like it.