Thursday, August 15, 2013

Be it warm

Guess the last border is lost on these pics. 
It is a gold-beige and different from the blocks. 
You can see the color difference here below 
between the block and border.

This is the flannel top finished today. Colors are stunning to me and the warmth of it will be perfect in MN where it is going to my younger Son. I played around with ideas for the back and will post what I come up with tomorrow. One of my fabric gifts came with these pieces all cut about 1  1/3 yards, and so the challenge was to find a pattern that welcomed the cuts as well as blended together in a quilt. The back will have completely different flannel fabrics on it, making it a reversible. 

The 4-patch can be more random and scrappy looking, however, the colors pop well if they are in a more organized layout. There are actually four borders on this waiting for a final color for the binding.  Both of my Sons are in professions requiring precise measurements and so when I make things for them, I know that they will look at them with a more mathematical eye than most people. Like me, they appreciate crisp borders and lines.

I am always straightening pictures on the wall that are even an 1/8" off, so it bugs me to have things that don't line up on my quilts.

And now, the question for me is about the inner piece. Usually quilts are 3 layers. This one is two layers of flannel and that makes it warm. I will think more about it when I finish the back and lay them together. I'll get under it and feel the weight, feel the warmth. 

If anyone is reading this who might have quilting experience, feel free to comment. And maybe I will get an answer at the quilt show in town this Saturday.