Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Quilt Show

I could have taken a jillion pictures but found myself needing to look at ones I might quilt someday and started limiting ones I kept. This first one is a 'row by row' or 'row of the month' quilt. The second one uses a very simple quilt pattern combined with applique. 

I  am still in the Log Cabin pattern stage for many of my quilts, and am very intrigued with how different they can look.

More to come later. One thing my camera didn't pick up was how quits were quilted. Some are done by hand with fine stitches, some with heavier threads for utility work. Some are done on home machines, some on long arm machines. 

What a quilter would see that perhaps a non-quilter would not notice is that stitches are not always even, not always identical in patterning, and some are perfect (well to my novice eyes). 

Backs sometimes show stitches, sometimes not. Some backs are very plain, some show a reversible quilt.  AND some of the most beautiful quilts waver on their hangers, pucker in their seams.

Homemade quilts are not commercial quilts. They are one of a kinds works of art. And in truth, photos taken were not done with permission, so no credit was given either. 

More about this in my next post.