Friday, August 30, 2013

Natural Consequences

I used that phrase when my Sons were growing up to indicate that while they could chose what to do, every choice comes with natural consequences.

A lot of the older quilting patterns were not written well, and some confuse me no matter how I work with them.

I think I follow directions. I want to believe I follow them. Yet, sometimes, only when something is not working and I go back, I will see that I didn't get what the pattern author meant. 

Very few things we do come with formal directions. We learn how to fall in love watching movies and reading books. Most romance novels end with the promise or at best, finish off with the wedding of someone's dreams.

No where do those books or movies talk about credit cards, bank accounts, monthly bills and the high cost of living. That dream turns into a nightmare over snoring, bathroom sounds, stress that turns into arguments. 

Even fewer good stories tell us how to say good-bye.

You would think that after all these years of living in this culture that I would realize the possibility of misunderstanding directions. You would think that I would realize that if I do something different than the directions, that I would have to spend time figuring out a plan to make something work for what I have done to it. You would think that even if there are directions, I serve my own greater good by knowing what I am doing, why, and how. I am responsible for what I do in the end. Me. Not someone else. Me.

THIS is the way quiltmakers are born! It is often said that 'finished is way better than perfect'. I know that no one else will see this pattern and say to me, "Bellezza, these corner pieces are going the wrong direction." They won't know how it is supposed to look only how it looks when it lays on their chair. 

I am going forward on this quilt, and working to correct the natural consequences of my misunderstanding. I've learned how easy it is to do that, so my lesson is to be aware of this communication challenge and to take even more time.

Isn't that true of all we do, and with all people who come to us? Communication in all forms has these burps...we think we hear what someone says or means, until its obvious that the burp is a blunder.