Thursday, August 22, 2013

Concept of Triangulation

One of the more difficult things for me at this stage of my work is matching points. Even in this example, my points are not yet 'perfect' but will pass. Is that so in life? Do we pass with less than perfect, or are our blunders overlooked by those who love us?

What I learned here is a different way to do the sashing and this pic, sashing is the white with pink polka dots and the corner stone is the darker pink square. Sashing frames the blocks and the corner stones set them off.

I learned that you piece a sashing to the left of each block first. And you piece a corner stone to to a sashing, then join it to the top of each block. Rows become easier to match.

Getting the squares and rectangles are easy to match corners, but the triangles are still challenging for me. I am getting better but it takes time. Every time I work with these shapes, I am thinking about the relationships in my family and among friends. Matching the corners is a way for me to bring healing at a spiritual level.

There is a deeper meaning to those shapes if you think about it. We are very accustomed to the balance of a 4-legged table or chair, and need a triangular shaped piece to be fully balanced or it will send things tumbling to the floor.

Same with relationships. As I mentioned earlier, one of my undergrad minors was in Communication Disorders. It became vital for me to see and understand how it works, and to take action to reduce it in ways I behaved and interacted with others. 

Triangulation is a negative communication practice. Here is a modified quote for more information on it:

by Kibbie Simmons Ruth , Karen A. McClintock

Of the several negative communication patterns people practice, three habits are particularly problematic: triangulation, pass-through communication, and anonymous feedback. While these three may be strategies for getting needs met, they all block rather than help healthy communication. Even if well intentioned, they are deadly habits that in the long run allow people to dodge accountability, gain power, and alienate others. Once everyone understands how to break these habits, those who persist will eventually have to stop or they will become so uncomfortable and isolated that they will leave or avoid the relationship. To clean up bad communication habits, people can do three things: reduce the triangulation, eliminate pass-through communication, and reject anonymous feedback.