Saturday, August 17, 2013

More from the show

This one shows a wider meandering free motion stitch than I've been doing. From my limited experience, what this demonstrates is how comfortable the quilter is. I am not there.  Quilters report how relaxing it is and it shows above. 

 This is another example of holiday colors in a scrap quilt. The purchased fabric is most likely the gold for the stars. Its something for me to keep in mind. I plan to finish up my Winter holiday quilts for 2014, but you never know how stash hangs around. 

Lots of vendors come from all over with their products that expand what is available in town or even on line. This morning, I was able to buy two different black and white pieces for my Niece Lisa's holiday quilt. It was so exciting to find the exact patterns and colors that would work!

Several things are going on for this quilt. First of all its not applique but has a look of that skill. Free motion quilting meanders, follows lines, and echos. Its a great use of batik.

Lessons from my observation at the quilt show include: Relaxing, going with what works, keeping nice prints for future quilts and that there is a lot to learn.