Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh, the Freedom!

As I mentioned, its a good thing and a difficult thing to let go of projects, and well, people too. I made a choice to move finishing one of my projects for this year onto next year's list. Deciding this did not come easily. However, so much changed as a result!

Yes, it is an interesting metaphor. I still shake my head at all the times I held onto dysfunctional relationships, crap jobs, and being in groups where I simply did not fit in. Perhaps a life time of those experiences help me with these kinds of choices in fabric arts.

This is a pic of one of my quilt projects still going out this year and it looks a little blurry, so I hope you can see it with soft eyes. The binding is machine sewn and pinned, and I am working on hand sewing it to finish. That part has already taken four sessions. 

As you can see by my 2013 project list on the sidebar, I have more to do, so the one I removed from the list takes off some pressure and does provide a bit of freedom in finishing the others on time.

The lesson in all of this is about setting priorities and rather than pushing myself through, giving myself some ease of movement. Its not failing in the task, but actually a mark of personal growth to do a check-in and reassessment of those priorities.

One of the first group of quilts I shipped to my Sons and a Daughter-in-Law went out at one time last year. When I was back in MN and stayed with them both, I discovered a corner on one quilt missed a seam. It was heartbreaking for me to see because I thought I had looked them over so carefully. I hunted down thread and needle and repaired it best I could, but ouch-ouch-ouch, did I feel bad about it.

Speed is not always the best skill in this work or any work, even if you are a race car driver. Speed needs to partner with things like competency, confidence, clear sight, good directions and accuracy.

What I did learn about that quilt with the missed seam is to check and recheck every step of the way, and then check again before it goes out. 

Mistakes happen. Yet, I hate when they happen.