Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chaos is one theory

There is always a lot of cutting that goes on with quilts. I've been sorting scraps into containers and love pulling them out for some odd reason.  And I spent time figuring out what is going on the back of the flannel top I started yesterday and finished this morning. Its stunning and will be warm in Minnesota.

Besides the stash of scraps in boxes, I have two quilts in the works that will have a scrappy look to them and so need to have on-going additions or purchases to finish them up. They are both almost at the stage of having the fabric cut and ready to piece, and will most likely go on my 2014 list. One of them will be a red and white holiday quilt, the other is the first of many red-white-blue quilts I plan to create.

I go through things in my closets and containers to get a more clear idea for my next steps. I have many in mind and keep them on a list (see the side bar for this year), and usually pull them out to carry them to the next step on the pattern.

Yet, I wonder why there is always so much out of the closet that looks like it isn't organized?

When you break down the Chaos Theory and apply it to what you do in a given day, its like making plans and to-do lists. There was a time when I scheduled my day in 15-minute slots. Every day, every week, every month, every year.

Now, I make a monthly calendar. Over time, it has come to me that the harder and more thorough I planned things, the easier and faster they didn't work. Unplanned events always get in the way and re-shape my life minute by minute. Every day is an improvisation for my plans of action. Every day is an opportunity to change. Every day is a day I can resist change and stiff-arm it through something because it was on my to-do list. I think I was the Queen of Plan B for decades.  And now?

Meeh. There is always tomorrow.