Monday, August 5, 2013

This weekend I tried another form of free motion quilting where I 'traced' around a pattern on the fabric. I actually liked this better than just random lines. So much about this art form stretches me to think outside my own perceptions of what I can and cannot do.

This piece is made for an altar candle mat honoring the Goddess Oya. I worked with Her when I went on my second stage retreat for the WTI Cella program so many years ago now. 

I pitched a tent behind the barn that my friends owned. I had the whole barnyard area, so was able to go skyclad there without concern. I built a fire in the night and stayed up doing a lot of spiritual work.

Oya appeared to me. Sure you can roll your eyes, and I wasn't 'on' anything. I swear, the huge tree next to the wooden fence took on Her shape. She's a fierce goddess and so how She seemed to me was so huge and the entire tree was who She was in that space. The grasses all around me moved in the wind as I listened.

She didn't stay in my life long after that, but the message I got that weekend was that I was on a spiritual quest and that the strength and power of SheWho rides the winds would always be close, always be fierce as a storm that knocks down trees, and gentle as a breeze that even butterflies can ride.