Monday, August 12, 2013

Mail's In for August Block

This is the August block RexieR (Crow Calling Woman) sent me. Its a lovely appliqued sunflower with a beaded center! The outside green is a great leaf print. I know she spent a lot of time creating this one and its gorgeous. She also sent a small dream pillow (my camera refused to take a good shot of it, so I will try later) and a scrap of yellow from last month's block. I found an interesting border in a magazine that suggests using leftovers and making 6" blocks to form a 6" border, so I asked for any pieces she might be willing to part with and will send her some from my blocks as well--in case she wants to make a similar treatment.

My block for this month is called Sky, Surf, and Sand and is a Rail Fence pattern made of batiks. These are the colors you see during this time of year at the ocean when the sun sets. 

These calendar blocks will make up two very different quilts from two very different quilt makers. If anything, we can see how a person can live in this culture, hear or see the same words and concepts and yet create something very different. It speaks to our individuality.

I've already been thinking about sashing, cornerstones and borders for the one I will complete.  And while my September block is finished, there are so many other projects on my to-do list, that I do not see myself getting to the one for October until October.